How to use Clubhouse without an iPhone

Today I was talking with another person that asked me if I had Clubhouse. “Not until it’s on Android” – I said, but this time

Smart cities for happy people

Technology, efficiency, interaction and sustainability are the key points to the future of the planet. The climate crisis, urban planning, insecurity in the streets and

electronic background

Fast prototyping in electronic products

In the creation of an electronic product, there are several steps involved. This depends on whether it is the first version of a falling-detector for

a PCB of electronic prototyping - DeepSea Developments

Electronic prototyping for your business

Electronic prototyping and product prototyping can be connected or separated depending on the stage you are with your business idea. As an entrepreneur, you may

Smart devices that connect

The Internet has transformed the world. Every day there are more and more devices connected to the internet that are helping to solve different tasks;

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